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Photos and interview by Jason McConnell – Tarrant Makers

This is the first of (hopefully many) local maker interviews. Please let me introduce you to Sam the street artist. By using both new and old methods/technology, Sam is able to create truly amazing and unique works of art. Sam uses image editing software to create his stencil similar to the age old halftone process that revolutionized printing. Then, he will cut that image into various media using a laser cutter. Next, he will use spray paint to create his artwork. The outcome is truly unique and inspiring.

Sam was kind enough to volunteer for a quick interview as well.


Tarrant Makers (TM): What is the primary thing you make? 

Sam: My name is Sam, and I make art for the community.

TM: Do you make any other things?

Sam:  I can’t say that I make as much as I would like, but I do try to alter things in my environment to better suit myself and others through the power of making. 3D printing is going to cause an explosion in home modification once it really hits the mainstream in a couple of years.

TM: What is it about what you make that interests you the most?

Sam: The amount of personality and soul a simple tag can deliver to the street. Here you have a little piece of cardboard, a can of color, and a pair of running shoes and in under thirty seconds you have broadcasted to the world who you are, how you’re feeling, and what you’re doing to cope with it.

TM:  How did you get started? What first inspired you to make what you do?

Sam: People who love themselves and lack emotional insecurities don’t go into vandalism. On a personal level, I saw urban art as the ultimate form of self expression; unfettered by commercial ties, existing outside of almost all previously established artistic norms, and able to seep personality right off the wall with only the most simple of tags. Every tag I put up is a part of myself, whether it is a personal flaw or deep insecurity (and sometimes a critique of an external system), it goes up on the wall. I find delight in the irony that I hide absolutely nothing in my work through a medium that requires a great deal of hiding to produce.

TM: For people who would like to learn more about what you make, where can they learn?

Sam: Go to the store, grab a cheap can of paint, and think about how you feel about yourself or your world. Then go out and change it.

TM:  What advice would you give someone that is inspired to create something but doesn’t know how to get started?

Sam: I was hoping those guys could give some of their advice to me.


Tarrant Makers extends a big thank you to Sam for volunteering to be our first interviewee for the DFW maker spotlight. It was a blast to share his story with you.

 Until next time…….



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  1. Nice write-up, Jason! A good start to the series.

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